Network/Cyber Security

What is network or cyber security? The computer industry is ever evolving. Malware, hackers, and cyber attacks are on the rise. Most people do not have the time, or knowlege, to protect themselves and are often vulnerable to these attacks. Without proper protection, businesses can allow themselves to be open to lawsuits due to breach of data, and can lose millions due to intellectual property theft and down time.

Identity Theft

Identity Theft Management? Residential computer users are often victims of identity theft, and can unknowingly leave open portals into their digital lives which can directly impact their everday life and family. More and more people are putting their lives on the internet through everything from online banking, online bill pay, online purchasing such as via eBay, and putting personal information on social media. Unfortunately, it has become extremely easy for the bad guys to reach their hands into your pockets, or bank account, from countries far away.

Why choose CSTG?

Why should you choose Cyberspace Technologies Group, LLC. for your computer needs? When issues strike, and they always do, CSTG works directly with clients to understand what specific issues need addressed, while helping clients implement both hardware and software solutions to old, and new, problem sets. CSTG targets the Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and MacOS ecosystems.

Whatever your computer needs are, CSTG seeks to address them in a way that fits not only your company's vision of the end goal, but the path there!


Computer issues standing in the way of a productive day? Give CSTG a call right away! Nothing is more aggravating then having a To-Do list a mile long, only to turn on your computer to an evil Blue Screen of Death. In these situations CSTG always recommends the hands up, not hands on approach.

CSTG can usually walk clients through generalized step by step repair or, failing that in some cases, provides telecommuting support services to help get you back on track quickly. Emergency remote, or an on-premises, whichever is needed CSTG is available. You will find company contact information under Contact Us.